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Since our establishment, our institute has been responding to today's requests for the development of the Prefecture's manufacturing industries.

To meet the needs of small and medium enterprises for advanced technology we offer a wide range of technological support, such as new materials, products and manufacturing research and development, technical guidance, private research, public access to our institution, and training for engineers, as well as our technology exchange with local companies.




œ 1939 Founded at 500 Wakasato, Nagano City.

œ 1944 Moved to 188 Wakasato, Nagano City.

œ 1964 The institute was entirely rebuilt.

œ 1975 The attached Industrial Research and Development Center of Nagano Prefecture was established.

œ 1984 The institute was reorganized into five divisions to carry out R&D activities. At the same time the Industrial Research and Development Center was discontinued.

œ 1992 New buildings were completed. The Nagano Small Business Information Center of Nagano Prefecture was established in one of these building.

œ 1993 The institute was reorganized into six divisions.

œ 2001 Business Incubation Support Center was established.

œ 2005 The institute was reorganized into Material Technology Department of Nagano Prefecture General Industrial Technology Center, and into four divisions.





Material Chemistry Team

Processing, Sintering and Evaluation of Fine Ceramics.

Analysis of Metals and Inorganic Materials. Protection from Corrosion.

Processing of Plastics. Utilization of Functional Polymers.

Analysis of Organic Materials. Evaluation of Paints and Adhesives.

Metal Material Team

Metal Injection Molding. Surface Modification with Thermal Spraying.

Applied technology for New Metallic Materials. Heat Treatment, Casting and Welding.

Design Engineering Support Team

Automation, System Engineering and Utilization of Robots.

Mechanical Processing and Precision Measurements. Application of Laser technology.

Product Science Team

Environmental Testing of Industrial Products, Evaluation and Utilization of Composite Materials, Sonics and Vibration technology.

Utilization of Energy.

Assessment of Environmental Burden



Research and Development

Research is undertaken by the institute to support the progression and development of technology in small and medium enterprises within the prefecture. Results of our research are transferred to companies through technical guidance, research group activities and others. These results are made public through the institute's official conference and through published reports.

Special Research

Special research is carried out according to themes important to the industries supported and to the public in general. Research and development is undertaken in association with the Institute, private companies and universities.


Joint and Consigned Research

Large research and development projects which are ifficult or impossible for small organizations to handle are accomplished through joint efforts between the organization and the Institute or by being wholly consigned to the institute's responsibility according to negotiated agreement.


Ordinary Research

Basic research activities by the institute are important to cope with the needs for smaller companies and requests from the public.


Technical Consulting and Service Guidance

The institute provides consultation and guidance to solve technical problems concerning manufacturing processes and it also promotes development and introduction of new technologies.


Technical consultation

Consultation by the institute regarding miscellaneous technical problems can always used.

œ Introduction to new materials and technologies.

œ Development of new products.

œ Automation and labor-saving technologies.

œ Efficient use of energy.

œ Analysis of causes related to defective products and recommendations for correction.

Product testing and evaluation.

Service Guidance

gOn the spothtechnical guidance at the manufacturing site as requested. This includes visiting technical guidance, extended guidance by technical advisors, etc..

Visiting Technical Guidance :

œ Formal guidance.

œ Informal guidance.

œ Guidance for prevention of environmental pollution.

œ Guidance for energy conservation.




Testing Requests and Use of Facilities

Test and analysis services for products and materials are accepted upon payment of a fee. A certificate is issued in compliance with the manufacture's wishes.

Various testing equipment, analytical instruments, processing machines, environmental testing rooms and other facilities are available for use by client companies. Furthermore, the use of a techno-project room for joint research is recommended.

Kinds of Tests available to client companies

œ Quantitative/Qualitative Analysis

œ Various Material Testing

œ Surface Analysis

œ Measurement of Forms and Dimensions

œ Nondestructive Testing

œ Vibration Testing

œ Electrical Characteristic Testing

Environmental Testing

Available Facilities, Machines and Tools

œ Techno-project Room

œ Clean Room

œ Electromagnetic Shielding Room

œ Low Temperature Testing Room

œ Anechoic Room

œ Machine tools

œ Analytical Instruments

œ Material Testing Machines

œ Precision Measuring Instruments

œ Environmental Testing Machines




Technical Training and Technology Exchange

Engineers working in small enterprises receive training through several kinds of training systems and lectures.

A College Chair in Industrial Technology Include

Long, medium and short training courses as well as high-level special courses for training engineers who are working in small enterprises.

Technical Staff Training for Small and Medium Size Enterprises

Technical staff of small and medium enterprises are trained in the carrying out of joint research as well as in the acceptance of trainees into the institute etc..


Lecture Meetings and Classes

Lectures and classes are held on demand at the institute concerning a wide range of subjects in basic and advanced technologies.


List of Research Groups

The research groups mentioned below are supported by the institute.

œ The Nagano Prefecture Fine Ceramics Technology Research Group.

œ The Functional Polymer Science and Technology Research Group.

œ The Nagano Prefecture Plastics Processing Research Group.

œ The Nagano Prefecture Heat Treatment Technology Research Group.

œ The Nagano Prefecture Thermal Spraying Technology Research Group.

œ The Nagano Prefecture Furniture Engneering Research Group.


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