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We, the Information Technology Department, are conducting research on information technology based on the use of computers to promote innovation and the systematization of technology. We provide services such as technical development, guidance, training and testing related to computer application technologies and the textile industry.

Guidelines for using the Research Institute

You can enjoy following services anytime. Please feel free to call or visit us, if you are interested in our services.

Joint research and sponsored research

We can offer technical support for joint and sponsored research when you use computers to attempt to produce new products on a commercial basis or develop a new production system. We can also help you solve technical problems in companies.

Technical consultation

Consultation can be provided at your request. Extention services are available.

Training for engineers

Training seminars and research forums are held regarding recent technologies. Basic technical courses are available at our technical college.

Testing on request

Testing and analysis services are provided and testing certificates are issued for companies. Our equipment and machines in the open laboratory are available for your research and technical development.


Information System Team
General affairs, Personnel, Planning, Budget, Accounting
Research and consultation regarding production technology of computer software
Computer administration, Training for engineers on computer technology
Telecommunication and Advanced System Team
Technical support and development regarding Radio communication system,
Embedded system, Communication technology, Microwave circuit design,
Image processing and Intelligence advanced machine
Human Quality Life Team
Research and consultation regarding industrial design,contents development,
human engineering,welfare engineering, textiles technorogy, woodworks technology,
and living products development

Information Technology Department, Nagano Prefecture GenaralIndustrial Technology Center
1-7-7, Nomizonishi, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano 399-0006, JAPAN
Telephone +81 263 25 0790
Facsimile +81 263 26 5350

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